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Who we are




The „BBV-Landfrauen Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH“ (BBV-LIZ) is a non-profit organization based in Munich and founded in February 2017.


Thus, we realize our active participation to the special initiative "Transformation of agricultural and food systems"- commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Subject and purpose of the development cooperation is the support of women in rural areas in developing and emerging countries.

Managing Direktor:  Mrs. Dr. Andrea Fuß

Project manager: Mrs. Angelika Eberl

Project assistant: Mrs. Nathalie Bruno

Projektgebiet ab 02/2022




What we do


„Life without Hunger"  is core theme of the Federal Ministry for Development and Economic Cooperation (BMZ). Within its framework a new special initiative called "Transformation of agricultural and food systems" is created to combat hunger and malnutrition.  This special initiative is an important instrument for achieving a rapid and effective impact and asserting the right of all people to healthy food. It strengthens the three fields of action of German development cooperation: food security, rural development and agriculture.


Within this special initiative, the global project "Strengthening Farmers' Organisations for Sustainable Agricultural Development" was launched, which advises farmers' organisations, cooperatives and producer groups in Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Kenya and Uganda.

In order to support farmers' organisations in the partner countries in the most practice-oriented way possible and to promote the international exchange of knowledge and experience, BMZ also includes the know-how of German partners, such as the Association of Bavarian Rural Women.


We have been involved in international development cooperation since May 2017. At that time, we started within the framework of the special initiative "One World without Hunger - Green Innovation Centres of the Agri-Food Sector" in Western Kenya. Kenyan women have an important function in smallholder farms and along agricultural value chains. The aim is to support these women within the framework of the special initiative according to their specific needs.

With our first project "Strengthening women farmers and rural women and their advocacy groups in Siaya, Bungoma and Kakamega", we succeeded in publicising and introducing the officially registered rural women's association "Women Farmer Association of Kenya" (WoFaAK), which was founded in Sept. 2017, successfully in the three counties in Western Kenya.

Building on these results, we were able to further establish and expand the rural women's association in a total of seven counties in a second project phase (April 2020 to March 2023). So far, about 227 local women's groups have joined WoFaAK as the umbrella organisation of Kenyan rural women.


With this third project from April 2023 to March 2026, we continue to work for improved living conditions for Kenyan rural women. We want to contribute with our knowledge and experience to the empowerment of the rural woman and her role in family and society.


Our project goal is: "The Women Farmers Association of Kenya (WoFaAK) in Kenya has been successfully introduced and is active in a total of 12 counties. WoFaAK represents the interests of its members and works sustainably for improved working and living conditions for its members, the Kenyan rural women."


The focus is on supporting organisational development - the establishment of efficient internal structures is intended to strengthen WoFaAK's ownership, also in financial terms. The planned activities focus on:


1. Structural support to the Kenya Rural Women's Association WoFaAK in building and developing an independent advocacy at three levels:
                                               local - at county level;

                                               regional - at district level; and

                                               national - at the state level. 


2. Promoting cross-national exchange through study tours, exposure seminars and joint events between Kenya and Germany and the partner countries of the global project.

Geographically, the project region in the west is to be expanded to include three more counties, Vihiga, Busia and Nandi, in addition to the existing counties of Siaya, Kakamega and Bungoma. In central Kenya, the existing counties of Meru, Embu, Tharaka-Nithi and Muranga will be joined by the neighbouring counties of Laikipia and Kirinyaga. 


The activities are implemented independently by BBV-LIZ, but in coordination with local WoFaAK contacts and in cooperation with local partners (primarily ministries and NGOs). Networking and cooperation with local actors is a prerequisite for the umbrella organisation's desired independence.