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The farmer women department (Landfrauen) within the Bavarian Farmer Association (BBV) is one of the largest women’s associations in Bavaria, with around 6,500 women farmers locally engaged in voluntary work. The women in the Bavarian Farmers‘ Association have founded the „BBV-Landfrauen Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH“ in order to strengthen women and their role in rural areas and in the association work in three counties in Western Kenya (Siaya, Bungoma and Kakamega) by means of their wide-ranging experience in civil society.

In our first project from May 2017 to March 2020 we were able to successfully support and accompany the foundation and development of the „Women Farmers Association of Kenya“.

Since April 1, 2020 we have been able to continue our work in Western Kenya with the support of the BMZ. The aim is to create a stable foundation for the young rural women’s association in the second project phase.