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International Rural Woman Day - three questions to Anneliese Göller

15. 10. 2020


Women play a crucial role in agricultural development and thus also in the development of rural regions. The International Day of Rural Women on October 15 draws attention to this. 

For the rural women in the Bavarian Farmers' Association, it is part of their self-image to make their contribution to improving food security - regionally and internationally. Anneliese Göller, Chairlady of the Bavarian Rural Womens Association gave us an interview.

Anneliese Göller

1. Mrs. Göller, the work and contributions of the rural women are not always appreciated - although the rural women induce a lot. What are you proud of as chairlady and rural woman in the Bavarian Farmers' Association?

Three examples come to mind spontaneously. On a local level, these are our annual Rural Women's Days, with numerous guests of honor from politics and society. We initiate discussion processes in rural areas with speeches on future-oriented topics.

This year's theme is "Really good living!? - What does it take and what can we rural women contribute so that this wish does not remain just a wish? We want to give our guests impulses to reconsider their behavior on the topic of sustainability and, if necessary, adapt or change it. Because for a content and valuable life you can contribute a lot yourself!


On a regional level: in more than seven years of lobbying - by the way, based on signature campaigns on all our rural women's days - we have managed to enrich the curriculum in  schools with the subject "everyday skills". In project weeks, the pupils are intensively taught the fields of agriculture, nutrition and environment in a way that is relevant to everyday life and practical.

This makes Bavaria a pilot state for the introduction of everyday skills as project weeks in schools. We have achieved a great deal here because – you all know it - everyday life takes place every day - it accompanies us from the cradle to the grave.


International level: "Same profession - two worlds" - in our third year, we are successfully moving in the international arena. We support farm women in Western Kenya with special training programs and a cross-national exchange of knowledge between farm women from Bavaria and Kenya in the areas of interest representation, income generation and nutritional education. It is a valuable work from rural woman to rural woman! I am very impressed by the interest shown in our training courses and by how energetically the contents are implemented on site.


2. What is so special about Bavarian rural women?

We rural women are grassroots democrats and have a dense network within the association. In numerous meetings and discussions, decisions are jointly made, implemented and supported. All of this is based on one important principle: unity in the matter and broad-based in its implementation.



3. What is the significance of the International Day of Rural Women for you?

For me, on one hand it is the opportunity to thank all courageous and creative women for their tireless commitment - without you we would not be where we are now. On the other hand, it is the day to draw attention to the - still - necessary support for rural women in this world.

My appeal is addressed to all women in rural areas - whether young or old: in the region where we live, we can change the world: By making a commitment and consciously tackling things. This requires your commitment - have the courage to do it - become active!